Book cover of Two Cowboys To Protect Her by Lacey Davis. A cowboy menage that has a blonde woman in a blue dress and two shirtless men on the cover. Texas Rangers protecting a woman who witnessed a murder.

Two Cowboys To Protect Her

Can Two Texas Rangers Protect Her Without Losing Their Hearts?

Rena Hall witnesses a horrible robbery/murder and the killer knows who she is. The sheriff of Blessing puts her into the protective custody of two Texas Rangers. But she soon realizes she wants more than just being protected. She wants her bodyguards to guard and protect her heart forever. 

Harley Kerr and Clayton McCoy are sent to Blessing to catch a murderous criminal in the city. But when they are told to protect Rena, it’s all they can do to keep their hands off her. And after one night of passion, they refuse to let her go. 

But when she’s kidnapped, will they rescue her before the killer ends her life?

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