The book cover for Two Cowboys Too Perfect by Lacey Davis. A western menage romance with two shirtless hunky cowboys and a woman in a red dress.

Two Cowboys Too Perfect

Can Beauty Tame the Wild Beast?

Ella Dillard is the perfect unwed schoolteacher in the small town of Blessing, Texas, but she longs for a family of her own. Then she’s made an offer she can’t refuse if she wants to save her brother from jail—to temporarily marry two Texas Rangers who can help him.

Warren Alley and Clinton Flowers have one year to claim a wife and birth a child or lose the land Warren’s grandfather left to him. No heir, no land. Ella is perfect for them, but she doesn’t know they exist until her brother commits a crime. Warren and Clinton make an arrangement to help her brother correct his errant ways, if she will marry them for one year. 

Only Ella soon discovers she doesn’t want just one year. She wants a lifetime. These two cowboys are too perfect to let go. 

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