The book cover for Two Cowboys Christmas Bride by Lacey Davis. Two cowboys in a suit and a woman in a red dress. A western menage story. The woman is left on the cowboys doorstep in a sack.

Two Cowboys’ Christmas Bride

An Unexpected Christmas Present 

After her uncle sells her to a brothel, Anna Best is kidnapped. Terrified and tied up inside a tow sack, she’s dumped on the doorstep of two Texas Rangers. Mack and Jake think Santa has come early when they unwrap the package to discover a beautiful brunette with a feisty spirit. 

One look convinces them she will be theirs, that they will protect her from a crazy uncle determined to enslave her. Only a wedding ring, their badges, and six shooters can keep her safe right where she belongs—in their arms and their bed. 

With Mack and Jake, will Anna have the family she craves or will her greedy family destroy her happiness? 

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