Two men one woman, who is a redhead staring back at the camera with a smile on her face.

Their Scandalous Bride

A wounded man who detests scandal.
A man desperate for a family. 
And a woman whose reputation has been damaged by a man who only wants her ranch. 

Catriona O’Reilly, owner of O’Reilly’s Foley ranch, is in dire straits. Her cattle are being stolen and her land-greedy neighbor will do anything to get her property, including spreading horrible lies about her to keep other suitors away.

Alastair Fraser fled Scotland to get away from family scandal, swearing off women without a pristine reputation. Keegan Black grew up an orphan, abandoned by his mother. He wants nothing more than to provide a loving home to a passel of children if only his friend would give up his hardcore prejudices. 

With secrets between them and scandal swirling around Catriona, can they solve the mystery of who is stealing their cattle and recognize the insta-love between them is above scandal?

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