Their Scandalous Bride

Their Scandalous Bride

The O’Reilly ranch butted up against their property, but the only person they had spoken to was the foreman. The original owners had died in a blizzard a few years back and now their daughter owned the land.
And from what he heard, she was a spitfire no one wanted to deal with. The rumors of her escapades were well known.
In school, she set the teacher’s desk on fire. At church, the communion was exchanged for cake and the dressmaker refused to work with her after she cut the bodice out of the gowns.
The woman was a mischief maker with no one to control her. Though Alastair had never met her, she was not on his list of possible candidates for a wife. That kind of drama had no room in his life. None.
“Charley said to come to the barn,” Keegan said as they rode through the gates of O’Reilly’s Folly.
A large house sat not far from the barn. The ranch was a large piece of property and Alastair wondered about the woman who lived here. How could a woman handle this ranch?
They rode up to the barn and he swung a leg over his red mare. The horse had been his favorite for many years, but he knew in order to keep their stable secure, they needed to bring in new blood.
An older man with a limp came out of the barn, his gray hair covered by a large hat. “Hello.”
“Alastair Fraser,” he said, stepping up and gripping the man’s hand.
“Keegan Black,” his partner said doing the same. “We’re here about the fillies you have for sale.”
The man smiled. “Come on back here. Two of the sweetest little fillies. Their mother is out in the field if you want to take a look at her. And their papa is being ridden by Miss Catriona, though I expect her back soon.”
It would be nice to see what their parents looked like, if they were in good shape.
They walked through the barn, the smell of leather and horses pervaded the area, though the doors were open on both ends of the structure.
They walked up to a pen where the two animals stood gazing about. The one neighed loudly.
“They’re upset that I haven’t moved them to the horse pen this morning. They like to run.”
The two animals stood side by side. They were pretty little foals and he knew they would take a lot of work to train. Work they would do this winter.
“Let me take them out to the horse pasture and you can see them run,” Charley said.
As he led them out, the man glanced at them. “Where you men from?”
“Bridgewater,” Keegan said.
The man smiled and nodded his head. “Hear that’s a real good place to live.”
“We like it,” Alastair said. “Your land butts up against ours.”
For a second, the man paused walking and turned to look at them. “Really? I didn’t know who owned that parcel. You know Phillip Johnson owns the land on the other side of us.” The man sighed and continued walking toward an enclosed pasture. He pulled the rope from around the animals’ necks and slapped them on the butts. They took off running.
As they watched the animals kick up their heels and gallop about the ring, Alastair knew they would be perfect for their stable. They would bring young blood into the group and would make excellent horses once they were broken.
For the next five minutes, they discussed money and when they reached an agreeable amount, he glanced at Keegan who gave him a nod.
“I’d like to see their mother and father,” he said. “If they’re healthy, then we have a deal.”
The man smiled. “Well, the father is racing toward us right now.”
Alastair glanced up to see a woman riding across the fields on a beautiful black stallion, her auburn hair flying out behind her. Riding astride, her skirts were raised to her knees, exposing long shapely limbs. His dick sprang to attention.
The scandalous Miss O’Reilly.
Like a punch to the gut, it was all he could do not to take a sharp intake of breath. Racing, the horse jumped the fence and came to a stop right in front of them.
The woman dropped to the ground and settled her skirts around her.
“Hello,” she said breathless, and his imagination had her spread beneath them, her voice breathy as she came.

Their Tempting Bride

Their Tempting Bride

Daniel Hamilton walked out of the big city’s telegraph office, staring at the words on the page with a frown on his face.
Time was running out.
“What’s wrong?” Martin Perkins, his best friend from when they served in the army in the country of Mohamir, called out to him on Main Street in the bustling area of Butte, Montana.
“My father,” he said, “he’s coming to visit next week.”
“Damn,” Martin said. “Do you think it’s about the woman he wants you to marry?”
Of course, it was. His father wanted him to marry a rich debutante and had one picked out for him. A woman he’d detested since grade school.
“I’m certain he’s coming to convince me to return with him to Philadelphia and marry Elizabeth Wister.”
His family back in Philadelphia were well known socialites. His father owned one of the largest banks in the city and wanted his eldest son to follow in his footsteps, though he had six brothers and two sisters who were more than capable of carrying on the family name.
“You know what would settle this?”
“No, what?” Daniel said, stamping down the wooden sidewalk. He slowed his steps to match Martin’s limping ones.
“If you were to marry, he couldn’t force you into marrying Miss Wister.”
The thought of marriage wasn’t a bad idea. But he didn’t want a normal wedded life like everyone else. No, he wanted the Bridgewater way.
Going to Mohamir for military service and then seeing the happiness of the couples at Bridgewater, he knew exactly what he wanted. And it wasn’t a marriage like his parents.
One woman between him and Martin. The two of them making certain she received everything they had to offer, sharing her between them, creating a happy family just like their friends had.
No, it wasn’t the normal way, but it was the Mohamir way being lived right there in Bridgewater, Montana. Martin and he had been talking about it for years but had yet to find the right woman. Martin wasn’t certain a woman would want him with his injury.
“Are you ready to commit to a woman?”
It wasn’t that his friend was ugly. In fact, of the two of them, he’d say that Martin was the more handsome with his dark hair, bushy dark brows, and big brown eyes. Before his injury, the whores at a bar would flock to him, and his goofy sense of humor would have them soon laughing.
Many women did not like Daniel’s auburn hair and the freckles across his nose until they learned who his family was and then they became his best friend. It was one reason he didn’t want to return to Philadelphia.
In Butte, and even in Bridgewater, his business was growing, and not because of his father’s wealth, but rather his own attention to detail and his fairness with the local miners—the small guys, not the big outfits like the Bartlett mine.
And no one took advantage of him because of his name. No one here knew his father owned one of the largest banks in Philadelphia.
A wagon full of lumber rolled down the street and Martin waited until it passed.
“Yes, I’m ready as long as we can find someone who is not disgusted by the sight of my leg. Or me wearing a stump.”
“I understand,” Daniel said, knowing his friend worried too much. A bullet lodged in his best friend’s calf muscle, and gangrene set in. In order to save his life, they amputated his leg from the knee down. Three years had passed, and still, Martin was not the same. Maybe he never would be. But the man refused to let it get him down, and though he wasn’t the jokester he once was, he was alive.
Maybe a woman who could accept his damage and be their wife would bring back his old friend.
“Finding a wife would put an end to my father’s insistence that I return to Philadelphia. And just think, sweet pussy every night.”
A woman walking the other way turned and glared at him. He couldn’t help but grin at her. As they crossed a side road and continued down the sidewalk, Martin smiled at him.
“A woman to sleep between us. Have a family with. I’d like to have a couple of little ones. This wound made me realize I’m not going to live forever. It would be nice to leave the ranch to our sons.”
It would be. But where would they find such a woman?
“There’s no way we could find a mail-order bride before my father arrives. I wonder if there is anyone here in town?”
Daniel’s boots made a rhythmic clunk on the wooden sidewalk while Martin’s leg made an odd thump. A crowd was gathered at the corner and slowly Daniel made his way through.
“What’s going on?”
“A dust cloud headed our way,” a man said.
Suddenly the man at the front of the crowd turned and yelled. “Stampede. Get off the streets. Stampede.”
A spear of terror gripped Daniel’s chest. “Get in the nearest building.”
Fear for his friend had him shoving him toward a mercantile. The sound of hooves pounding on the ground growing closer and closer.
In front of them, a young woman fell to the ground, her heel hung up on a board. Daniel hollered, “Martin, go on.”
There was no way he was going to let her be trampled to death. Leaning down, he scooped her into his arms, snapping the shoe, and began to run. She didn’t weigh much, but it was awkward with a stranger as he hurried down the sidewalk.
“Mama,” she cried.
“She’s ahead of us. She keeps turning back and looking.” They were the last ones in the store as the out-of-control cattle ran through the streets. The building shook from the pounding of the heavy hooves on the ground.
It was a terrifying scene, and as he set the woman down, he could feel her shaking. People stood near the windows, staring out at the wild animals running panicked.
“Thank you,” she said, glancing up with the most gorgeous emerald eyes he’d ever seen. “I’ve never seen a stampede.”
“It’s not something you ever want to witness again.”
Just then, Martin came up to him. “You all right?” he asked the young woman.
“Yes, thanks to this man,” she said.
“Daniel Hamilton, and this is my good friend Martin Perkins,” he said, gazing at the beauty, mesmerized by her full lips. The urge to kiss her was strong, but he knew that would be inappropriate.
She smiled and dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Georgia Carroll.”
His arms were still partially around her and she felt like she fit right where she belonged and he didn’t want to let her go.
Just then her mother found her and ran to her.
“Oh, Georgia, I was so afraid. The crowd carried me away and I couldn’t get back to you.”
“It’s all right, Mama. This nice young man scooped me up and carried me into the building. I think I lost a shoe, but that’s all right.”
Daniel felt the woman slip from his arms and he wanted her back. The woman’s curves were well rounded, her long dark hair was past her shoulders, and she had a pert little nose he wanted to kiss the tip of.
But more than anything, he longed to raise her skirts and slid his hard cock between her legs, sinking into her depths. There was something about her that reached into his soul and connected with him. Was it just relief from surviving the stampede or something else?
“Thank you, young man,” her mother said. “I was so afraid.”
If her mother knew his thoughts, she would slap him.
“Glad I could help, ma’am,” he said, and hoped that in the crowded space, she could not see his rock-hard cock pressing against his pants.
The door opened and the sheriff stepped in. “Everyone all right?”
There were shouts of yes, but Daniel couldn’t keep his eyes off Miss Georgia Carroll. He gave a quick glance at Martin and the two men’s eyes connected and Martin nodded. They were thinking the same thing.
“Good to know,” the sheriff finished. “Stampede is over.”
“What caused the cattle to run like that?” Georgia asked.
“We’ll never know. It could have happened miles back,” he told her.
Her mother moved between him and her daughter, and tipping his hat, he smiled at her. “You ladies have a wonderful day.”
“Thank you again, sir,” she said to him. For a moment, he thought she was going to say something else, but she didn’t.
Georgia gave him a little wave as they walked out the door.
He turned to Martin. “Georgia Carroll. I think we need to learn all we can about that beautiful young woman.”
“Agreed,” Martin said.

Their Perfect Bride

Their Perfect Bride

“Back at the market, that beautiful brunette behind the counter was flirting with you,” he said, grinning at Jesse. The man swayed side to side with the motion of his chestnut mare. 
After making a supply run to Butte, Montana, the two men were headed home to Bridgewater. The green hills and rising mountains gave Alex a feeling of homecoming. Of belonging. A place where he wanted to raise a family.
With Jesse by his side, a woman would complete their plans of home and family.
“Don’t matter, she’s not the right woman for us. Besides are you certain this is the year we should bring a woman home? By next spring, we’ll know if the cattle we brought in will make our herd strong. It might be better to wait.”
With the cattle they had driven from Texas, their ranch would hopefully be successful. After being gone for three months, they both were eager to spend time on their little piece of heaven.
A woman would make everything perfect.
Alex was ready to settle down, to find a woman to fill his bed at night and warm his heart in the morning. Yes, he wanted a wife. A beautiful woman on the outside and the inside to build a life with his friend Jesse.
The house was built. The new cattle should make their herd stout. And he had an itch for not just any woman. A special lady they would cherish.
Always the logical thinker, Jesse made very few quick decisions and that made them a great pair. But Alex wanted a wife now. Since the fight in Bozeman that left a scar down his cheek, they had not had a woman, and he was feeling the pressure. Only this time, he didn’t want an easy woman, but rather someone they would protect with their life.
“Everyone in Bridgewater has someone, except us. Winter will be arriving soon and the thought of curling up beside our own woman, well, it makes me want to find someone and marry her.”
For years, they had talked about finding the right woman who would fit their lifestyle. Seeing their friends at Bridgewater with their women left a hole in Alex’s heart. The longing glances, the slight touches, the moans overheard in the night. That was what he wanted. A woman willing to give herself and love both of them.
“And if we find the wrong woman to ease your itch, then we’ll be miserable. No, we need to wait until we find the perfect bride for us. Someone who will accept and enjoy the Bridgewater way of life. Someone who will accept the way we live and love us.”
Whoever this mystery woman was, she had to consent to them both and some women couldn’t adjust to having two men love her. Whoever they married, they would treat her like a queen, but would expect her to trust them. 
“You’re itching to get your cock wet. It’s been too long, that’s all. We should return to Butte and visit the whorehouse.”
The girls at Miss Rose’s knew how to fuck. The lovely ladies accommodated a man’s every desire, but he was ready for more. A willing woman that when he told her to bend over, she couldn’t wait to answer both their demands, but someone who would love them and they would honor and protect her.
At this time, he wanted more than just a tumble between the sheets, he wanted to experience a real family life. To honor and pledge his loyalty to their wife and only her. 
Not like the family he grew up with. Something new and fresh.
A sigh escaped him at the memory of his ungrateful bastard father.
“You’ve given this a lot of thought.”
“I’ve even been looking through that mail order bride catalog. Time to settle down. All we need is the right woman.”
Jesse glanced to the horizon, his eyes narrowing. “I agree. But when the time is right, she’ll come along. A woman would complete our life.”
Knowing not to press Jesse, Alex rode on for several minutes, enjoying the rugged splendor of the Montana mountains. Maybe after getting home and settling in, he’d approach the subject again.
Two voices raised in anger came from a distance.
“Did you hear that?” Alex thought he heard two people arguing. Long ago, he had learned Jesse’s hearing was more finely attuned than his. 
“What?” Jesse turned his head.
Suddenly a scream echoed nearby. A female’s scream. They shared a quick look filled with concern.
“Someone’s in trouble,” he said. What the fuck was a female doing out here? Almost in perfect unison, they charged, leaving the road and galloping toward the crying.