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Our Wild Bride — Sneak Peak — Part 1

Blanche Underwood grabbed her rifle, opened the window, and watched as the riders approached her home. Damn, damn, and double damn. It was that fella that her papa had lost the ranch to in a card game, and this time, it appeared he looked serious as he had brought the sheriff with him. 

For months now, she’d resisted him. 

Knowing it wasn’t in her best interest, but unable to stop herself, she aimed the rifle and pulled the trigger. The bullet landed right in front of the new owner’s horse and he had to fight to control the animal. Loud cursing filled the air. 

“Serves you right for stealing my ranch,” she said, pushing red hair out of her face. 

It wasn’t fair. This was her home, and her father had not only lost it in a card game, but then he had the audacity to die, leaving her alone. What was she going to do? 

The sheriff continued toward the house. She knew better than to shoot at a lawman. Why had the new owner brought him out?

When the sheriff’s horse reached the house, he stared up at her. She lowered her rifle and met him on the porch, wearing her pants and shirt. Skirts were beautiful, but they didn’t fit the lifestyle of a rancher. 

“Miss Underwood, that wasn’t right.”

“I’m just trying to keep vermin away from the ranch,” she said, pulling her shoulders back and narrowing her eyes at the man, her trusty rifle by her side. 

The man who claimed he owned the property rode up beside the sheriff. 

“Sheriff, I’ve been a patient man,” he said, glaring at Blanche. “But enough.”

“It’s not your property,” she hissed. 

The man held up the piece of paper that he claimed her father had signed. 

“That’s your father’s X is right there. Witnessed by Brent Harvey,” he yelled. 

“Brent Harvey is a liar and a cheat,” she said, her voice rising. “Anyone could’ve put that mark there. Even you.” How many times was this man going to come out here and claim the land was his? She didn’t believe him. It couldn’t be true. And yet, she didn’t have a good feeling about this little visit.

“Miss Underwood, you have no choice,” the sheriff said. “Today is the twenty-seventh, and I expect you to be out of the house by the first. Mr. Jones will take possession then, and if that means I have to haul you out the door, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Rage filled her, and she knew she was at the end of her rope. She’d run out of options, and while she could get a lawyer and take the man to court, she had no money. They all knew she was as poor as they came. 

After all, she was but a woman trying to survive in a man’s world.

And her big, beautiful house sat on one hundred acres of farmland perfect for cotton growing. Plus, a hundred head of cattle and twenty horses that were pure breeds. 

Reaching for her rifle, she lifted it and aimed. “Get the hell off my ranch. It’s still mine until the first. Get off now, both of you.”

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