Dark haired woman in a blue dress between two men.

Our Fugitive Bride

Fleeing her past, Mary runs straight into the arms of danger.

Mary Beattle had to run. Even now, the law is searching for her. There was no time to bury her sister. No time to explain her actions. Only a chance to pack a bag and get on a stage out of town. Then she meets a matchmaker and soon finds herself as a mail-order bride. Wanting a fresh start, Mary gets the shock of a lifetime when she reaches Treasure Falls, Montana.

After a sordid beginning, Andrew Larsen and Jesse Sanders have turned their lives around. Now they own the local mine. They’re wealthy, powerful men in the small town of Treasure Falls. But there are no women, so they order brides for the men in town.

What a surprise when the stage pulls in and they discover the matchmaker has outdone herself. But the woman they choose brings peril to Treasure Falls—a menace that threatens their tenuous hold on their bride and exposes the unsavory aspect of their pasts.

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