Blonde in yellow dress between two men.

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Blonde in yellow dress between two men.

Sneak Peak

Desperately searching for a place to hide, Daisy Miller ran through the streets of Charleston. For the last week, her life had been a living hell. She darted into an alley then ducked behind trash cans. The smell of rotting food almost made her gag. 

Going from ball gowns, to living on the streets, what else could happen to her?

“Oh, Daisy, I’m going to find you,” the man said with a laugh. “Soon, a fine upstanding young woman like yourself, once a debutante, will be working in the whorehouse. Business will be great as all the men in town come to spread your legs. Sample what Thomas got a taste of.”

A tremble of fear had her body shaking as she tried not to breathe, hoping he would tire of hunting for her and go on. Tears filled her eyes and part of her wanted to give up. 

Since the night of the scandal, her life had gone from parties to searching for help with nowhere to go. Not believing her claim she was almost raped, her father and mother had sided with Thomas Jones and his lie that he took her virginity. They had forbidden her from staying at their home, so she would not influence her sisters. Also, hoping to force Thomas to marry her.

But he didn’t care. 

What kind of father would kick his daughter out of the house with nowhere to go? What kind of father would take the side of the man instead of his daughters? A father who so desperately wanted the man’s business in his work. 

None of this was her fault, and yet, she suffered the consequences of that evil man’s actions. Somehow she would destroy him, but right now, she was just doing her best to survive on the streets, scrounging for food and shelter. Doing her best to hide from men like this who wanted to trap her and make her into a whore. 

She would die first. 

She peeked around the trash cans, knowing she couldn’t stay there all night. The alley wall she leaned against belonged to a bar, and soon, they would come out to dump their garbage. She would be found. Glancing down at the once beautiful dress she had worn that night, she wanted to cry, but crying would not get her anything to eat.

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