Box Set Cover with three covers. Books 4-6

Blessing, Texas Box Set Books 4-6

Three standalone stories of cowboys who will do anything to protect the women they love. Steamy, reverse harem romances with handsome, strong men and women who helped tame the west. Come to Blessing, Texas.

Two Cowboys Two Perfect
Can Beauty Tame The Wild Beast?

Ella Dillard is the perfect unwed schoolteacher in the small town of Blessing, Texas, but she longs for a family of her own. Then she’s made an offer she can’t refuse if she wants to save her brother from jail—to temporarily marry two Texas Rangers who can help him.

Warren Alley and Clinton Flowers have one year to claim a wife and birth a child or lose the land Warren’s grandfather left to him. No heir, no land. Ella is perfect for them, but she doesn’t know they exist until her brother commits a crime. Warren and Clinton make an arrangement to help her brother correct his errant ways, if she will marry them for one year.

Only Ella soon discovers she doesn’t want just one year. She wants a lifetime. These two cowboys are too perfect to let go.

Two Cowboys to Protect Her
Can Two Texas Rangers Protect Her without Losing Their Hearts?

Rena Hall witnesses a horrible murder and the killer knows who she is. In the protective custody of two Texas Rangers, she soon realizes she wants more than just being protected. She wants her bodyguards to guard and protect her heart forever.

Harley Kerr and Clayton McCoy are Texas Rangers passing through Blessing when Rena comes running into the saloon to tell someone of a murder. But when they are asked to protect Rena, it’s all they can do to keep their hands off her. And after one night of passion, they refuse to let her go.

But when she’s kidnapped, will they rescue her before the killer ends her life?

Two Cowboys Save Christmas
Can Christmas Be Saved

Orphaned as a child, twenty-year-old Christmas Rawls only wants a real family and loving husband. Ripped from the orphanage, she is sold to a whorehouse by the corrupt orphanage director where she realizes she’s not the first to be victimized.

Noel Brooks and August Hamilton are lonely cowboys with nothing but a ranch that needs a woman’s touch. On a trip to Blessing, Texas, they see a terrified woman whose innocence touches them. Instead of buying cattle, they purchase the woman. Saving her is the plan, but in doing so, they throw all of them into more danger than they can handle alone.

Determined to stop the nefarious director, can Christmas save the children or will she be silenced for eternity? Can two cowboys, who are forever transformed, save Christmas?

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